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Looking for a sustainable refurbishment solution?

Changing room refurbishment using specialist architectural wrap film

A refurbishment can be hindered greatly by mess and disruption. Consider the reduction in downtime if you could resurface desks, doors, furniture, lockers, window frames, and cladding rather than replace them.

With self-adhesive films, we can quickly and cost-effectively transform interior and exterior surfaces. We can create faux finishes by wrapping existing surfaces, sparing landfill and avoiding the disruption and mess of traditional refurbishments.

One of the growing trends in the UK is wrapping structures and surfaces. We are seeing sustainable solutions now being used within the construction sector; wrapping doors, furniture and fixtures instead of sending them to landfill which is an effective solution for any refurbishment project.

Fire door refurbishment using specialist architectural wrap film
Vanity unit refurbishment using specialist architectural wrap film

Cover Styl’,3M Di-Noc,and LG Hausys architectural films provide a range of replica finishes that to the untrained eye are difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

We can replicate wood, leather, fabric, concrete, stone, and metal with a wide variety of smooth and textured finishes.

Commercial refurbishments


Your commercial buildings are at the heart of your business. In order to impress your clients and keep your workforce happy and engaged, you need to keep your building well maintained, modern and clean.

Whether you're renovating your commercial space, updating an office area, or weaving your brand subtly throughout your building, we offer vinyl wrapping solutions that can help you.


With its versatile 3D form, it can fit virtually any surface.


There are over 1500 styles and finishes to choose from.

Residential refurbishments


Our homes are the place where we spend most of our time and we love to keep them looking good.

However, keeping areas such as kitchens, bathrooms , furniture and exteriors looking good can be both costly and time consuming.

Not any more! Chief Wraps can help you to refurbish your home for a  fraction of the cost, without the need for disruption that refurbishments usually entail.


It can withstand day to day wear and tear.


An eco-friendly solution to produce less landfill waste. 

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